Sunday, January 29, 2012


This morning we decided to head on over to MOSI for some family fun. MOSI is local the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa and it's a pretty cool place. Bella and I attended a birthday party there once, but she was an itty bitty baby and was unable to enjoy all the fun exhibits. Ian hadn't been there in years so it was great getting to experience MOSI together as a family. I purchased a Groupon several months ago and with all of my credits, I was able to get an annual pass for the family for free! How cool is that?!?

We started off by experiencing the hurricane wind exhibit. It's pretty neat and you are basically subjected to hurricane force winds (in a controlled setting) for several moments. We wore goggles and ear protection which made Bella giggle. The winds were obviously pretty strong but Bella loves it! We couldn't stop laughing at her silly expressions as the winds got increasingly stronger.

After the hurricane exhibit, we walked through the butterfly garden. And by walked, I mean I snapped a few quick pictures and quickly exited as I despise any insect, harmless or not. Bella loved looking at the fish pond in the exhibit and seemed to be fascinated by the butterflies fluttering about. I was not nearly as fascinated and ran out of there like the entire garden contained roaches.

We went inside to the Kids in Charge exhibit, which contains many, many child friendly activities. Bella's favorite was the pretend grocery store and kitchen. She spent a good 20 minutes playing with the pretend food and what not. She also loved crawling through this dark tunnel and making spooky noises as she crawled through. Another favorite exhibit of Bella's was the spider web, in which she bobbed and weaved her way through the web until she realized she could easily crawl underneath it. What a clever little girl!

Now that we have activated our annual pass, we will definitely be returning to MOSI more often. I intend to frequent this place during the summer when the weather is much warmer and I have a newborn to keep out of the sun.

I love days like today when we can jut jump in the car, drive for 20-minutes and enjoy an activity the whole family can enjoy. Our time with just Bella is limited and I'd like for us to spend us much time with Bella as possible before baby #2 arrives.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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