Sunday, January 15, 2012


Woohoo! My Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans and have advanced to the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots! Only one more game stands between my Ravens and a chance to play in the Super Bowl! They haven't been to the AFC Championship since 2001, when they won the Super Bowl, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another trip to the Super Bowl.

And thank goodness the Patriots were able to give the Denver Broncos a beating they will never forget. All the silly, bandwagon Tebow fans have been silenced until next season. I couldn't take much more of the "I love Tebow" crap. I mean, it's like people really worship the dude. Weird. I don't personally care for the dude, as the in your face praying and do-gooder persona seems a little phony to me. For me, NFL superstars shouldn't cry on the sidelines during a regular season game. Grow a pair and play the game! Not to mention his football skills are less than desirable. But anyway...

I'm stoked my Ravens have won the right games and have made it this far. They actually remained undefeated at home the entire season... what an accomplishment! There are many folks out there who didn't believe the Ravens would make it this far this season. I will refer to those folks as the "haters" and I am so happy the Ravens proved them wrong. The Patriots will be a difficult team to beat on their home turf, but it can be done! Wish my Ravens luck as the continue on the road to the Super Bowl!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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