Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Typical Tuesday

I love Tuesdays! Mostly because I get a few child-free hours to myself and I am always super productive once the babysitter arrives. Our babysitter, Jessica, is fabulous! She is attentive, patient, caring, kind and most importantly... punctual! I'm so relieved we found a reliable babysitter who is as devoted to her job, as I am to mine. It makes leaving Bella a little bit easier. This morning was no different than any other time Jessica has watched Bella and she arrived 15-minutes early! I briefed her on what Bella had been up to and quickly got to work finishing a few chores around the house. I made a list that contained 8 chores/errands for the morning. Most of my day was spent running errands, but I had a few chores, like laundry, to take care of before I left the house for the morning.

I've been on top of the laundry recently, but had a small basket that needed to be put away. Since we switched entirely to free & clear detergents and fabric softener sheets, I sometimes have mixed loads of laundry. The basket had my clothes, Bella's clothes and baby #2's clothes. I don't know why I didn't make the switch sooner because using one detergent for the entire family makes laundry so simple. Maybe it was because we buy detergent in bulk and having two giant bottles of detergent takes a lot longer to get through. Anyway... I made quick work of that basket of clean laundry, mostly because I didn't have my "helper" assisting me in folding (and unfolding) clean clothes. I also wanted to store some of Bella's clothes in space bags, but that didn't get accomplished.

My list of errands seemed endless today. I had to run to the bank, drop Kaiser off at the groomer, get a pedicure (rough life, I know), run to Michael's, run to Walmart, pick up Kaiser at the groomer and eat lunch. All of this needed to be accomplished before 12:30pm. Kaiser and I headed out the door and stopped at the bank. He sat patiently in the car, while I ran up to the ATM to make a transaction. We then drove to PetSmart, where I dropped off Kaiser and picked up a bag of dog food. I then took 60 (wonderful) minutes for myself while I had a pedicure and eye brow wax. I planned for 90-minutes at the nail salon, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I was 30-minutes ahead of schedule. I hopped in the car and headed to Michael's to pick up some frames and card stock for a project in the girls' bathroom. With the help of an awesome sale on frames and a few coupons, I managed to pick up 7 frames, card stock and adhesive tape, a grand total of $156, for only $71, a savings of $84! The frames were 40%, plus an additional 25% with a coupon. And I had a 40% any item coupon, which really came in handy. I love a good sale and I'm so happy I'll be able to complete this project once and for all. After Michael's I headed to Walmart to pick up a site-to-store shipment that has been waiting for me (nothing exciting, just laminating pockets). I then received the call that Kaiser was ready to be picked up. I drove back to PetSmart, picked up Kaiser and then we headed home. On the way home I grabbed a quick bite to eat and was home by 12:20pm.

By 12:20pm, I had managed to cross 7 out of 8 things off my to-do list! Feeling very accomplished and exhausted, I rewarded myself with a 2-hour nap, during Bella's nap time. It's amazing what a mom can accomplish without children in tow. I can only imagine how things will be once I have two children, one of them being a newborn. Maybe this is the time I begin begging Ian for a full-time nanny... just kidding!

It's been a long and productive day, so I'd better unwind and get myself into bed. Tomorrow we have a play date and a dinner date with friends, both of which I'm very excited about. Keeping busy makes for a happier Bella and a happier mommy, too. Nighty night, y'all!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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