Friday, January 13, 2012

Parents Night Out!

We have been trying for months to get together with some friends of ours and tonight we finally made it happen! Ian asked me earlier in the week if we were free for dinner on Friday and if so would I like to go to one of our favorite restaurants with our friends, Cathy and Robby. After I secured a babysitter, I gladly said, "yes" and we finally had plans to go to Boizao with our friends. A Friday night out was exactly what we needed!

Ian has known Cathy for his entire professional career and I've known her since I moved to Tampa over six years ago. She is super nice and I've always really liked her. When Ian told me that she'd be joining him at the new firm, I was excited because we hadn't been keeping in touch with Cathy and her family as much as we should have. We exchanged holiday cards and she attended my baby shower, but we saw them once (maybe twice) a year. Since Cathy joined the new firm, we've seen her and Robby several times, including at a holiday party last month.

Anyone who knows Cathy knows that she is habitually late. I mean, the woman is late to everything! It's almost endearing how often she is late. Ian and I were running a few minutes late and we didn't feel bad because we assumed Cathy and Robby would also be late. Sure enough, when we arrived at Boizao, Cathy and Robby weren't there and so we sat at the bar and waited for them to arrive. Ian sent Cathy a text message to let her know where they could find us when they arrived. Little did we know that Cathy and Robby were NOT late, BUT were at the wrong restaurant! They had gone to Texas de Brazil, which is the same type of restaurant as Boizao and was located in the same area. How funny!!!

We enjoyed a lovely, child-free meal and enjoyed almost 3-hours of adult conversation. It was wonderful! We returned home around 11pm to a toddler, who had been asleep for almost 3-hours. Jessica has been helping take care of Bella since November and we LOVE her! Jessica gave us the scoop on Bella and Kaiser, too. She was so well-behaved and went to bed so easily! I love that about Bella! Bella and Jessica played and watched The Lion King until it was time for Bella to go to bed around 8:30pm. Now as for Kaiser, she said he was a little bit needy tonight. This doesn't surprise me, as he's been a little down in the dumps since Riley passed away. Jessica was happy to spoil Kaiser with some extra attention after Bella went to bed. I'm so glad we found another reliable, trustworthy and caring woman to help take care of Bella... it is such a relief!

It is WAY past my bed time... like way, way past my bed time. I have a feeling I may regret staying up this late tomorrow, but oh well, we very rarely get to spend a night out with friends. With the arrival of baby #2 approaching, I have a feeling nights like tonight are going to be few and far between for quite some time. Here's to hoping I can sleep in tomorrow!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

P.S. If you've never been to Boizao, it's a restaurant you must go to at least once in your life. It's a Brazilian Steakhouse and it's so much fun! Fogo de Chao or Texas de Brazil are comparable restaurants, if you don't have a Boizao in your area. Basically they walk around with 20 different kinds of meat and carve it for you at your table. There is also an amazing salad bar (which was especially amazing tonight), yummy friend plantains and mashed potatoes and garlic biscuits. Not to mention their desserts are super yummy! I highly recommend trying it at least once... it's totally worth it.

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