Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not what I expected...

When planning for the upcoming week, I didn't expect the various bumps in the road that happened to occur today. It all began with the babysitter having to cancel because she was sick (poor girl). Things went downhill, then took a surprisingly turn for the better... definitely not what I expected.

When the babysitter canceled she was so apologetic, it wasn't even funny. I felt terrible that she not only physically felt bad but she actually felt guilty about having to cancel. I reassures her that these things happen and that her health comes first and foremost. Plus, I didn't want to catch any germs and I didn't want Bella to catch any germs either. I canceled my morning massage and rescheduled for this evening and kept right along rearranging our schedule.

I had every intention of going to toddler time at the library but when I realized we had 10 minutes to get there and it would take us at least 20 minutes to actually get there, I had to cancel. Bummer!

So I loaded up the car and Bella and I began running a few errands. One of my errands included a stop at a local consignment shop to possibly sell our travel system. When I learned that they would price it at around $100 and only give me 50% of the profits, I quickly changed my mind.

So you're probably thinking, a pregnant woman schlepping around a ginormous travel system without any assistance, wtf?!? You're absolutely right. My back quickly reminded that I am not cut out for heavy lifting right now. My good friend, Stephanie, came to our rescue... even though I had aborted the plan of actually going to the consignment shop. Thank goodness for such an amazing friend!

Rather than do any heavy lifting, we left the car packed with all the junk and let the kids play at our house for awhile. Then lunch time approached and we headed out for a quick bite to eat. Our meal was pretty much a disaster, due to an under staffed restaurant and yucky food. But it was nice to take a moment to feed the kids and chat.

Nap time went without a hitch and I even participated. I haven't been feeling 100% and my back and hips have been killing me, so a nap was much needed today. We are now waiting for Ian to get home from work so that we can eat dinner and relax before my massage tonight.

Our day did not go according to plan, but that's okay. I had a good friend pick me up when I needed it and that truly made my entire day. Oh, that and the fact that my child loves to read and be read to! Things may not always go as planned, but learning to cope with change (even small change) is a part of life.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

P.S. I cannot wait for my massage tonight!!! I'm in pretty severe pain and I know this massage will bring me some relief... Thank you Ian, for allowing me to indulge in prenatal massages!!!

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