Thursday, January 5, 2012


Since Bella was a little schnook, we have worked to keep a pretty good routine around our house. Part of our routine since Bella was about 6-months-old is attending a weekly play date. We have missed the last few play dates because we've been out of town, but today we were happy to finally see our friends (both hers and mine) again.

In preparing to leave for the play date, Bella had a major meltdown! I mean, laying on the floor and crying, kind of meltdown. All because she didn't want to wear shoes. I guess she was tired of having to wear socks and shoes in Baltimore because it was so cold and she wanted to give her toes a breather? I'm not really sure the reason, but we left the house without shoes on Bella's feet. There are worse things in life, right?

We ran a few errands before the play date that needed to be done today. This included a stop at the credit union, a place where I'm quite certain they think I'm an idiot. There is a drive up ATM, but for some reason, the ATM doesn't like to accept my deposits. That means I have to go through an actual live teller. I usually miscalculate on the deposit slip and the teller's almost always have to fix my deposit slips. At first I was mortified, but now I laugh along with the tellers at my inability to correctly add and subtract on a deposit slip.

We arrived at the play date while it was in full swing. Bella got busy playing with her little friends and I got busy chatting it up with my friends. I filled them in on all the drama that occurred over the past two weeks and they filled me in on their holiday drama. It's funny because my friends almost always expect stories about a certain topic (to remain private) when we travel to Baltimore and as always, I had a good story (or two) for them. Exchanging stories made me feel less sorry for myself and I got a chuckle out of hearing various anecdotes about family and friends incurred by my friends while we were gone. Thank goodness for friends who can appreciate me for who I am!

We left the play date a little early to make a quick trip to Target. I needed to pick up a few things to begin my organization plan the next day. While we were there, I managed to pick up wrapping paper for 42 cents a roll, holiday bags for 22 cents a piece and other various deeply discounted holiday items, all at 90% off! I love after holiday sales when you can pay 90% less than the retail value, plus save an additional 5% with our Target card. Okay, so I left with a little more than I originally planned to buy... but it was on sale. =)

Bella napped for almost 4-hours today and I joined her in the napping festivities. Even though there were holiday decorations to be taken down and other chores to be completed, I was exhausted and needed the extra rest. I didn't even watch any of my DVR'ed shows during nap time... I went straight to bed. After naps, I fixed dinner and Bella played until Ian got home. Our day went according to plan and I felt satisfied because our routine was back to normal.

Well since I didn't catch up with any of my DVR'ed shows this afternoon, it's time for me to play catch up now. I have a few episodes of the Real Housewives of (some big city) to catch up with. And I have a FULL DAY of organizing tomorrow, after my appointment with the OB, so sleep is a priority tonight!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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