Friday, January 27, 2012

Rainy Friday

It began raining last night and it was one of those calming, soothing rains that made sleeping past 7:30am possible. As much as I love the sun and warm Florida weather, I love days like today, too... every once in awhile.

Our day began with a tour at Bella's potential preschool for the fall. We met with the director and were given a tour of the facility. The school looks really nice and the staff was even nicer. We saw the wall of graduates and saw several little friends of ours. We spent some time in the 2-year-old classroom where Bella played with play-doh And met some new little friends. She seemed to really like the classroom, so that's a good sign. We sat down as spoke with director at length about all the important details (I'll spare you all the boring details). Our questions were answered, the school seems to meet all of our criteria and we're really hoping to enroll Bella in this preschool for the fall.

Bella and I parted ways with Ian and headed to Sprouts for our weekly music class. Bella was so excited to see her friends and was eager to play this morning. All of the kids were a little wild, but that's okay because it's just our little group of friends. Bella an all of her little friends LOVE bubbles and asked for bubbles the moment they walked through the door. We made it through music, free play and finally had bubble time! The kids had a blast, as usual. We parted ways with our friends and headed to the mall because I needed to pick up a maternity support belt. Unfortunately I had forgotten my wallet so our trip to the mall was a complete bust. We headed home for lunch and naps, both of which we were in desperate need of.

Ian has been working long hours and opted to work from home today. We had a quick dinner (on the firm) because after dinner, Ian went back to work right away. Bummer, this is no way to spend a Friday night. I even had to cancel on a night out with my friends because Ian had to work. I didn't think it would be fair to leave Ian with Bella for a night out with the girls when he's been working until 2am for the few nights. I despise busy season!!!

While Ian is working, Bella is asleep and I'm catching up on a few DVR'ed shows. My oh my, how Friday nights have changed... for the better!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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